a short film by Baldvin Kári Sveinbjörnsson
2008 | 6 mins | US
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a gay twist on the advice about girls sermon.
Ties by Baldvin Kári Sveinbjörnsson This fun little piece tells the story of school mates Andrew and Brad; forever there for each other, even if closeted Andrew is yearning to be something more in his friend’s life. Only as the two prepare to leave for a party, just how does Rubik enthusiast Andrew solve the puzzle of finding out if the object of his desire, feels the same way about him?

Sure we’ve seen the theme time and time again, that of the tried and tested scenario of falling in love with your straight best friend. Indeed in this instance, fans of the Luke and Noah storyline of As The World Turns fame will be more than familiar with this Columbia student shorts' variant on the theme. Yet it still makes for a charming, if simple take on the ties of friendship, thanks to its natural play and a gay twist on the advice about girls sermon from a man who depending upon your cinematic interpretation, could well be choosing his words wisely. Tender and sweet, goes without saying.

Gay Visibility - tender style. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 
starring: Corey Boardman as Andrew and Eric Schneider as Brad.
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