a short film by Rachel Zisser
2008 | 20 mins | US
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a profoundly sad sermon on living in the closet.
Traces by Rachel Zisser Coming out is rarely an easy option, a decision that not surprisingly is often put off, time and time again. Yet leaving it until it is too late can itself make for a painful experience, as this poignant work from writer and director Rachel Zisser so aptly demonstrates.

For Julian Kessler loves his father with the same intensity of devotion, as his father Sydney returns on him. All of which makes for an emotional farewell when the two part company, as Julian heads out of Los Angeles on a flight back to Boston. Only the next day Sydney receives a ‘phone call from the police that no parent wishes to hear, words that speak of the death of his son in a tragic accident in downtown LA, a son that he clearly did not know, as well as what he thought he did.

Traces by Rachel Zisser Beautifully rendered, if emotionally sombre, this bittersweet short showcases the work of you name the television show, he’s probably starred in it veteran actor Alan Feinstein, who here delivers a heartbreaking turn as a father determined to undercover the facts of how his son died, only to discover the hidden truths of how his son lived. It is a journey that not surprisingly takes this man of conservative views to parts of LA new to him; bars that show his son’s liking for a different way of life.

Only to say more would give the game away. Suffice to add that this American Film Institute piece, as produced in partial fulfilment of the requirements for a Master of Fine Arts degree, speaks volumes on just how well do you know someone? That of a father who never truly knew his son; a son who never knew the unconditional love of his father and a boyfriend seemingly left to bridge the gap between the two. In short, this is a work in which events on second viewing, take on a far greater significance, acts that combined with fine cinematography, editing and direction make for a moving, if profoundly sad sermon on living in the closet. But oh, it’s so well executed.

Gay Visibility - to say would be a spoiler. 
Nudity - none this time folks. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 
starring: Alan Feinstein, John Antonini and Zack Graham
with Miss Austin, Catherine Campion, Nathan Carden, Marlon Correa, Bijoux Deluxe,
Lara Everly, Danii Hall, Yana Liia, Jay The Magnificent Sanford,
Andrew Traister and Teddy Vincent.
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