a short film by Pascal-Alex Vincent
2009 | 8 mins | France
›› En Colo - At Summer Camp
the raging hormones of adolescent youth.
En Colo by Pascal-Alex Vincent Concerned by the alarming suicidal rate amongst the gay youth of the day, INPES in partnership with the French Health and Sports Ministry in participation with Canal+ television launched the competition young and gay in the eyes of others. The result was five commissioned works against homophobia, of which this simple, yet sweet short is one example.

Namely the story of Maxime; an introverted youth who his friends are beginning to suspect could well be gay, courtesy of a truth or dare boy-on-boy kiss with cutie Mathieu that Maxime seemed to have enjoyed a shade too much. But that doesn’t mean he’s gay. Or does it? For like many a work, Summer Storm included, this delightful piece plays on the summer camp scenario to perfectly reflect the raging hormones of adolescent youth, even if the homosexual twist in the tale is all but obvious.

Yet that’s far from a complaint, given this short as written by Nicholas Chrétien, as based on an idea from Guillaume Nail, was broadcast by Canal+ television on the eve of the Parisian Pride march of 2009. The result speaks for itself, that of an eight minute work that packs a lot of emotions into a limited time frame, from teenage camp side fun to the seemingly requisite school disco / dance. Complete with a hunk of a teaching assistant who’s not afraid to fly the rainbow flag, this charming tale is guaranteed to please in an ever so tender way. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
[ review #1 of the 5 films in the INPES collection against homophobia ]
starring: Emylou Brunet, Laura Boujenah, Côme Levin,
Alex Würsten, Paul Perles and Alexis Michalik.
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