a short film by Tyrrell Shaffner
2004 | 11 mins | US
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a delightful satire on sexual role reversal.
Different by Tyrrell Shaffner For those who like works that turn the sexual table on its head, then this one is for you.

Opening with your not so typical Church sermon, we are soon to witness the emotional heartstrings of Justin Meyers; a student at Liberty High School whose got the hots for his cute classmate Joanne. And nothing wrong with that. Or is there, in a world where boy dates boy and girl goes out with girl and not the other way around!

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize for a student film at the 2004 Rhode Island International Film Festival, this delightful satire on sexual role reversal clearly has its cinematic heart in the right place. For here director Tyrrell Shaffner, alongside writer Zachary De Gregorio, have gone out of their way to illustrate how society treats those of variant sexuality, when their preference is not that as deemed the accepted norm.

After all, what boy wouldn’t want to go out with the captain of the football team, a hunk whose lusting after the mind and body of star of the show Justin aka Ben Hogestyn of The Bold and the Beautiful credit. That the girl of Justin’s sexual yearning is played by Emily Stiles aka Emily Brooke Hands of Eating Out fame, is a bonus, although as to whom Justin will end up taking to the Homecoming Ball ... well that would be saying. But for those who like the concept, check out the John Krokidas short Shame No More for a more poignant example of the genre.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - none this time folks. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 
available on DVD as part of the Alluvial Filmworks catalogue - 'First Out 1' release
starring: Ben Hogestyn, Emily Stiles, Kay Stratton, Christian Robblee, Scott Lembke,
Bo Gorman, Jake Bern, Kerby Joe Grubb, Danilora Patrick, Nicole Wilcox,
Dave Markham, Gary Lamoin, Sheridan Cole.
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