a film by Tony DiMarco
2010 | 77 mins | US
›› Focus / ReFocus: When Porn Kills (retail version)
an erotic medley of hot hunks and steamy sex.
Focus / ReFocus by Tony DiMarco For those yearning for works of a more sexually mature nature, then this one may well be for you, given these words relate to the abridged "retail version" of this sexual hit, one that whilst heavily re-edited, still contains its fair share of rampant man-on-man action.

For here Cole Streets stars as Joe Wilder; a sexual compulsive who when not getting it on with his boyfriend Eddie (David Taylor), gets off on filming others in the act itself. Only Eddie is soon to exit stage left, furious with Joe for having posted footage of one of their sex sessions online for all the world to see. Yet what Joe is set to see is far more disturbing, that of an anonymous group sex video, one in which the participants are systematically coming to a violent end. Arrested for the act of murder, Joe must prove his innocence to Detective Callahan, a man who somewhat remarkably manages to - keep his clothes on!

Porn being porn, many may question as to why anyone would want to see an edited outing of hardcore sexual shenanigans. That said, it's kind of refreshing to see a major porn house focusing, no pun intended, on a more character driven edit, even if lines of dialogue serve as mere interludes between acts of penile encounters. That some of the players come off faring better than others in getting their acting credentials out for the boys, before they get down to what they do best, is all but clear. Yet with full frontal nudity, no oral action, but partial ejaculation shots on view, this is a somewhat odd mix of the genre, being neither softcore, but equally not true hardcore. That the original unedited six hour version of this erotic medley of hot hunks and steamy sex equates to one of Raging Stallions most ambitious projects to date, kind of goes without saying. Enough said.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - the full monty, plus. 
Overall - file under ... ? I'll let you decide. 
available on DVD as part of the Breaking Glass Pictures catalogue 30.March.2010 / US.
starring: Cole Streets, David Taylor, Steve Cruz, Bruno Bond, Ryan Raz,
Ricky Sinz, Jason Crew, Adam Killian, Brogan Reed, Mitchel Rock,
and Joe Wicht as Detective Callahan.
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