a short film by David Kittredge
2002 | 8 mins | US
›› Target Audience
a comical satire on the subject of sexual identity.
Target Audience by David Kittredge If some films speak of taking pride in being your sexual self, then this sparkling short from Pornography: A Thriller writer and director David Kittredge goes out of its way to shout from the rooftops how itís - "great to be gay."

Words, that along with the line "homosexuality - be part of it" are soon to greet a drunken American teen, courtesy of a late night PSA styled chat show. Only with his best friend passed out at the foot of the sofa, thanks to one too many beers, somehow this worse for wear youth just cannot bring himself to switch channels, intrigued by this infomercial's message of the benefits of homosexuality; the social life, a higher standard of living, a sense of style - hey you name it, gays have it better. Too afraid to wake his buddy, now sleeping it off on his lap, thoughts of joining this dynamic community rapidly fill his mind. After all, all he has to do to sign up to a gay lifestyle, is to kiss his best friend. And his friend is asleep - isnít he?

That this film within a film speaks volumes on the absurdity of bigotry should arrive as no surprise, given it was conceived in light of a series of anti-gay accusations on the supposed homosexual agenda, insinuations that got Kittredge thinking how would anybody go about turning straight people - gay? In short, just what would be their sales pitch? That the result is but a comical satire on the subject of sexual identity, goes without saying. Yes, it appears almost amateurish by comparison to Kittredgeís recent work, but then that only goes to show how far Kittredge has progressed as a filmmaker. And yet, perhaps thatís part of its charm, arriving as-it-does with a neat, smirk styled ending, having played to its target audience.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 
starring: Steven Howley, Ryan Dietz, Patrick Ryan Sullivan, Ames Adamson, Kathryn Reinhard, Craig Burke,
AJ Triano, Andrea Alton, Javier Cobo, Michael Bianco, Barry Brisco, Daniel Burke,
Susan Woods, Brett James Butler, Norm Isaksson, David Matthew Engel,
Roland Uruci, Daniel Koenig and Sheryl Genna
official website: www.triplefire.com/ta/index2.htm
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