a short film by Tristan Hamilton
2006 | 8 mins | Australia
›› Daddy's Boy
a comical coming out tale, Aussie style.
Daddy's Boy by Tristan Hamilton Sometimes what is lacking in terms of production values, can be more than compensated for by way of sheer enthusiasm, as this upbeat work from director, editor, producer and writer Tristan Hamilton is clearly indicative of.

And it all revolves around video rental store worker Justin; an out and proud Aussie teen who much to the concern of his gay best friend Andrew, is going out with Win Stafford; a good looking youth who has still to tell his father the homosexual truth. Only with Mr Stafford asking Justin to bring round a copy of the film Grease 2, is this "Boy's Night In" going to be an evening where more than Grease is the word?

As a testament to what can be accomplished on a very limited budget, aka a list of close friends and well, just about anyone you can find willing to help out by way of "promises of fame and fortune," Hamilton has certainly proved his worth. Then again Hamilton had no other option when he found himself with only $300 in hand to make his "little film," having seen the professional cast and crew, along with a promised budget of $53,000 exit stage left. And yes, the results show. Indeed in Hamiltonís own words "it doesn't look that flash." Yet with only two professional actors on board (Iain Murton as Mr Stafford and Allison Byrne as the request girl) Hamilton has delivered a comical, if somewhat predictable coming out tale, laced as it is with a joyous eighties feel to it. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 2+ stars. 
starring: Blaise MacDonald, Iain Abbott, Iain Murton, Jamie A Slocombe and Allison Byrne.
dedicated to Tristan Hamilton's father: 1944 - 2005.
cameo appearance by Kelly Lohan.
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