a short film by Michael Simon
2006 | 8 mins | US
›› Is One of You Eddie?
appearances can be deceptive, West Hollywood style.
Is One of You Eddie? by Michael Simon Appearances can be deceptive as a group of gay men are set to discover in this perceptively poignant piece.

For enjoying the Californian courtyard sunshine, queen of conversation Alex is only too keen to share the intimate details of his latest manly encounter with the boys. Yet just as Alex is about to climax on the narrative punchline, his nondescript neighbour Eddie - a man so not West Hollywood, turns up to promptly cut the conversation dead. Casting aside Eddie’s earnest attempts at friendship, their dejected neighbour heads upstairs to his flat for his afternoon appointment, leaving him the subject of the groups in-jokes. That is, until the arrival of a hunk soon to be seen stripping down to his trunks in Eddie's apartment, signals the fact that their neighbour may well be a man worth getting to know.

Is One of You Eddie? by Michael Simon Part narrative, part erotic fiction, this tale with a message / massage attached to it delights in playing with the adage of not judging a book but its cover, or in this instance, a man by his appearance. For Eddie is not your typical West Hollywood type, indeed not even your standard gay guy - but then, who is?

In short and in a mere eight minutes, Gay Zombie writer and director Michael Simon has crafted a well-played work that challenges stereotypes, along the way lacing his script with many a comical line. As expected Robert Laughlin of Another Gay Movie, let alone Queer Eye for the Straight Girl fame is ace in his portrayal of leader of the pack Alex, but it is Bill Jacobson as Eddie who showcases the fact that people like life itself, are not always what they seem to be, in a short that and in the words of the narrative itself, you may want to take a second look at. Delightful.

Gay Visibility - overt, West Hollywood style. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
available on DVD as part of the Alluvial Filmworks catalogue - 'First Out 1' release
starring: Robert Laughlin, Craig Olsen, Felix Montano, Leif Lillehaugen, Jared Edwards, Bill Jacobson
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