a short film by David Dean Bottrell
2006 | 15 mins | US
›› Available Men
a well-played comedy of errors.
Available Men by David Dean Bottrell In this well-played comedy of errors, four men get their intended party mixed up with hilarious results.

For desperate Hollywood agent Rob is determined to sign the latest hot property in LA, namely cabdriver by day, screenwriter by night Stephen. Only in his rush to secure a signature on the bottom line, he mistakenly teams up with struggling artist Steve, a man hoping to take it slow on his first blind date, but who instead finds himself in the company of a man wanting to commit "right here, right now." Not that his intended date Robert; an nervous but hardworking accountant is having a better time of it, given arrogant man of words Stephen is soon to be heard telling him that if he "wants a piece of this, you gonna have to work for it." Four available men - will any of them get what they actually come for?

Available Men by David Dean Bottrell With Richard Ruccolo of All Over the Guy credit clearly having a field day in the role of an agent who enjoys "a stiff one after work," suffice to say that this wildly entertaining short from writer and director David Dean Bottrell is seemingly filled with more double entendres than what you can shake a Gerald Thomas film at.

And yet it is Brian Gattas as artist Steve and Jack Plotnick of Gods & Monsters fame, as the accountant with more than a few tricks up his sleeve, that provide the romantic underscore here, even if Kostas Sommer as the haughty screenwriter of the piece tries hard to prove that hes more than just eye-candy. Well-executed throughout, the real winner besides the audience is Bottrell himself, an actor who's talents as a writer and director are all but evident.

Gay Visibility - overt, double entendre style. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
available on DVD as part of the Wolfe Video catalogue - 'Available Men' release.
starring: Brian Gattas, Jack Plotnick, Richard Ruccolo, Kostas Sommer, Colette Divine, Jack Conley.
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