a short film by Daniel Ribeiro
2007 | 18 mins | Brazil
in Portuguese with English subtitles
›› You, Me & Him / Café com Leite - Coffee and Milk
could unexpectedly raising a child force lovers apart?
You, Me & Him by Daniel Ribeiro Opening with a close-up of two men in bed together, punctuated by the words "do you want to move in with me?," this well-executed short tells the story of lovers Danilo and Marcos, about to mark the anniversary of their relationship by flying off together.

Yet holiday thoughts, let alone those of moving in with each other are about to be put on hold upon the sudden death of Danilo’s parents, prompting Danilo into the role of surrogate father, hereafter in charge of the upbringing of his ten-year-old ‘little brother’ Lucas. Only can all three live together as one, or will the unexpected responsibility of raising a child force Danilo and Marcos apart?

Financed by way of a script award of 40,000 US dollars and yes the quality shows in the production, this tender, yet touching work from writer and director Daniel Ribeiro premiered at the 2008 Berlin International Film Festival in the Generation 14plus programme, having been selected by a jury made up of teenagers for a teenage audience. That it went on to win the festivals’ Crystal Bear prize for Best Short Film should arrive as no surprise, given and like the features Bear Cub and Breakfast with Scot that tread a similar cinematic path, this is a work filled with pathos.

You, Me & Him by Daniel Ribeiro Only here Ribeiro does not allow the grieving process to overshadow the central theme of his film, namely how a sudden change in one’s circumstances, can affect a relationship. To that end, actors Daniel Tavares as Danilo and Diego Torraca as Marcos excel in the lovers department, a natural screen bond that thanks to weeks of rehearsal, is clearly evident to view. Yet it is Eduardo Melo as Lucas who steals the show, in a beautifully worded narrative that reflects on how analogous both brother and lover are.

For just as raising a child transcends sexual preference, this crossover short went on to play at a multitude of both gay and straight film festivals. Then again, it’s theme is universal, as we come to witness Danilo learning new life skills, just as Marcos must learn to adapt in order for their relationship to survive. Whether or not it does however, would be saying. But in between getting Lucas to and from school on time and drinking his milk, Ribeiro has delivered a short that like the boy himself, is a right little charmer! Need more be said?
Was available on DVD as part of the dearly missed Picture This! catalogue - 'Boys Briefs #5' release
starring: Daniel Tavares, Diego Torraca and Eduardo Melo as Lucas
official site: www.lacunafilmes.com.br/cafecomleite
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