a film by the Shumanski Bros
2009 | 73 mins | US
›› Wrecked
a porno with a plot, sex and drugs style
Wrecked by Harry and Bernard Shumanski Welcome to a cinematic smorgasbord of sex, drugs and handheld camera work.

For here Forth Richards stars as Ryan; an aspiring actor who lands himself a lead role in the latest indie theatrical production not coming your way, thanks more to his good looks, than by way of his acting prowess. And all appears to be on the up in his life, until his sort-of-ex junkie of a boyfriend Daniel returns to haunt him, promising Ryan a loving relationship along the way. Only it isn't long before Daniel is up to his old tricks, popping, smoking and snorting anything he can lay his hands on, that is in between having rampant sex. As a downward spiral of sex and drugs is set in motion, the question beckons whether or not Ryan will become ensnared in such a deadly combination.

Wrecked by Harry and Bernard Shumanski Yes we're seen it all before, given the themes of anonymous sex, drug addiction and the resultant descent into hell have formed the basis of many a feature over the years. Only if you think that you've seen the worst of the worst, then think again. For here the Shumanski Bros have gone out of their way to produce a porno with a plot and even then I use the word plot loosely, given if you remove all the male nudity and raw sex scenes and here think a good half of the film, there isn't really that much of a narrative left.

Credit then to Forth Richards and company for doing the best of their varying, think almost non-existent, abilities with a script that is crying out for development. For this is a work that like the feature Shortbus pushes the boundaries of explicit sexual content. But in this case, was it really worth it, given the end result is nothing more than a series of narrative interludes performed between acts of penile encounters. Indeed if you want to see a more rewarding, yet equally uncompromising look at the downward spiral of sex and drugs, then check out John Palmer's coming-of-age work Sugar or a host of other titles I could mention. As it stands however, this cautionary tale on the perils of addictive sex and drugs climaxes in a threesome, in which one party is clearly going to end up dead before the closing credits roll, in this sexually excessive hodgepodge of a film. Enough said.
available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue
starring: Forth Richards, Benji Crisnis, Theo Montgomery, Womack Daryl, Peter Petersen,
Beatrice Carina, Heidi Blissenbach, Garett Dragovitz, Jake Casey
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