a film by Glenn Gaylord
2009 | 80 mins | US
›› Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat
a raunchy romantic comedy; man-candy fashion.
Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat by Glenn Gaylord Having done their own special "oral take" on Thelma & Louise, stars of the earlier features Kyle and Marc have all but rocketed off this mortal coil, leaving resident host and girl with the most Tiffani making the acquaintance, amongst others, of Kyleís cousin Casey at the funeral.

New in town and supported by his gay friendly to the extreme Aunt Helen, it isnít long before Tiffani has Casey working at her Nail Me salon, let alone volunteering to help out at the local LGBT Centre, a job that this "at odds with the gay community" boy is not interested in taking up, until he casts his eyes upon team leader Zack. Tall, dark and handsome and with a boyfriend now history, this dreamboat is on the hunt for a new man in his life. All of which prompts Tiffani to persuade Casey that the best way to this man's heart is to use his online words of love, only with the fake profile of her hunky out of town, ex lover Ryan. A somewhat ludicrous plan that's naturally guaranteed to go wrong, when the real Ryan aka Mr Straight turns up out of nowhere, much to Zackís delight and Caseyís horror.

Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat by Glenn Gaylord After the somewhat mixed reception to Sloppy Seconds, director Glenn Gaylord has returned the Eating Out series to its raunchy comic originality, mixing a fast paced delivery of one-liners with a conveyor belt of buffed to perfection man-candy. That Rebekah Kochan as the series mainstay is totally at ease with her man-eating character Tiffani von der Sloot, shows in her facial expressions and apt comic timing, even if the ever lovable Leslie Jordan as gay centre manager Harry and Think Pink think Mink Stole as Aunt Helen, more than provide solid support.

Thankfully in a film filled with a host of "proud to be gay" fresh faces, all and too more or less a degree, deliver the goods, with Daniel Skelton charming as Casey, only for Julia Cho as Zackís personal fag hag Tandy to give this feature its cinematic balls, courtesy of a Dynasty styled catfight with Tiffani that contains lines that you certainly didnít hear Linda Evans uttering!

Sure thereís a myriad of political comments to be made on works of this nature, given the image it projects of gay men in general and of the obsession with the body beautiful. Yet this is a film not to be taken seriously; nor does it take itself seriously for a minute. Or does it? For with a heartfelt speech on the invaluable support work carried out by the LGBT community, here screenwriter Phillip J Bartell has gone out of his way to inject many a tender touch in this raunchy romantic comedy. Yes, there are negatives in the mix, but with the requisite "couch sequence" and the now trademark "after the end credits have rolled" sex scene in place, fans of the series will on this occasion, I dare say not be disappointed by whatís served on their cinematic plate. Need more be said?
available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue
starring: Rebekah Kochan, Daniel Skelton, Chris Salvatore, Michael ER Walker, Julia Cho,
John Stallings, Maximiliano Torandell, Cristina Balmores, Sumalee Montano
with Mink Stole as Helen and Leslie Jordan as Harry
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