a short film by Kyle Coker
2009 | 22 mins | US
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going for your dreams - Astoria, Queens style!
Astoria, Queens by Kyle Coker With more running gags than what you can throw a joke writers scrapbook at, this updated outing of The Wizard of Oz scenario presents us with a sitcom snapshot of the lives of a group of Kansas City guys and gals, now following the yellow train home in the hope of living out their dreams in the city thatís so good they named it twice.

Or to be more precise, trying to realise their goals in the neighbourhood of Astoria, Queens, NYC, given Thom, our Dorothy in more ways than one, has had his heart broken by way of his lover getting it on - with someone else. Unlike workaholic Anisha, who like the tin man has still to find hers. And then thereís cowardly lion Callie; a budding actress who lacks the courage to make it into the big time, only to seek consolation in courage of the Dutch variety. Whereas brainless scarecrow Jimboy is up for the part, well any part actually, including his dreams of becoming the first gay white rap star. Add in the odd one-nighter walking around their apartment, not to mention a cute stripped-to-the-waist hunk reciting his audition lines and it appears that together they will do anything to help each other make it through the New York night - Queens style!

Astoria, Queens by Kyle Coker Backed by the music of Heloise & The Savoir Faire, this inspired take from writer and director Kyle Coker on leaving your comfort zone to literally go for your dreams, whatever the consequences be, has a lot going for it. Not least of which is a spirited cast who play it for all its worth, delivering the comedy fast and furious, being if anything a little too fast prompting attention to be had.

Yet in between an almost endless bombardment of one-liners, some genuine scenes of solidarity are to be found, as the friends root for each other, in particular if it helps to pay the rent at the end of the month! Only at twenty-two minutes duration, this sounds suspiciously like a US pilot, so who knows, these queens could well be coming to a small screen near you! As it stands however, this is a comical portrait of a group of twenty-somethings living out their lives in the Big Apple; the new Friends, the gay Friends - maybe? But it certainly is a work that Coker shares with anyone who has driven miles to New York City - without a job lined up, running close to empty, but loving your art!
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys on Film 3: American Boy' release
starring: Aaron Michael Davies, James Heffron, Sangeeta Parekh, Hayley Thompson-King,
with Adrian Armas, Lauren Fortgang, Chris Kies, Amanda Moore, Thomas Rowen,
Steve Riggle, Chris York, Chelsea Clark
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