a short film by Jody Wheeler
2008 | 14 mins | US
›› In The Closet
a one-nighter, like no other!
In The Closet by Jody Wheeler Seasoned one-nighter Griffin cannot believe his luck when his latest pickup turns out to be a real 'boys first time' cutie, over eager to date and in the words of writer and director Jody Wheeler: "anything other than his five fingers." But worry not, as Griffin will break the boy in gently, along the way making sure that it will be a night that sex starved Press will not forget. Yet are the tables about to be turned, when out and proud Griffin finds himself going back in the closet - only not as us boys know it!

Brought to you by the good folks at doorQ.com, this delicious take on the perils of cheating on your boyfriend is ingrained with an undercurrent that signals that something just isn't right, well in advance of it delivering on its premise.

In The Closet by Jody Wheeler Thankfully the sexual shenanigans to be had allow for porn star turned actor Brent Corrigan to get his acting credentials out for the boys, backed as he is by the fine work of 'Star Trek: New Voyages' actor JT Tepnapa as Griffin; a man on a mission for close encounters of the gay kind. Along the way however Wheeler fine-tunes the cinematic tension, feeding you with lines that hint of what is to come, whilst equally allowing inhibitions to be lowered to reveal inner feelings and if anything, personal fears.

That the stars of the show are more than at ease to get physical with each other, should arrive as no surprise, with Tepnapa's street wise act nicely countered by Corrigan's sensitive and more than ironic portrayal of a bag of nerves gay virgin. Originally attempted in 2003 but never completed due to a myriad of technical problems, this remounted / new cast and crew version notably cuts to the chase with a series of poignant comments on the whole casual sex experience, before it closes by showcasing that this is a one-nighter, like no other. Suffice to say, fans of the 'twist in the tale' scenario will not be disappointed!
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys on Film 3: American Boy' release
starring: JT Tepnapa, Brent Corrigan
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