a short film by Arthur Halpern
2007 | 18 mins | US
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the fairy godmother of boardroom presentations!
Futures (and Derivatives) by Arthur Halpern When the toupee-attired director of Greylock Waller is forced to impress a client insistent on a 'bells and whistles' presentation, none of his 'the last time it was a disaster' staff are up to the task in question. Frantic about losing a lucrative contract, head man Marty Simko enlists the help of an overnight geek styled temp in order to deliver the fairy godmother of 'make it sing' presentations. Only be careful what you ask for Marty, for it may just come true!

Weaving a message of 'peace and contentment' around an office whose staff would not be out of place in the television series of the same name, this surreal short from writer and director Arthur Halpern presents us with a boardroom presentation like no other.

And yet as absurd and yet entertaining a tale as this is, fans of boy-on-boy action may be disappointed, given the only gay encounter is a brief closing scene between one of the employees and his boyfriend. But hey, it sure is camp, as colourful swirls of joy flood the screen in a trail of magic that if there is a life-affirming point to be had, has to be that it is often the small things in life, than give the most pleasure. Take from that what you will. What is clear however, is that this creative short will undoubtedly raise a smile to those who have sat through one too many 'wake me if I fall asleep' presentations ... c'est la vie!
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys on Film 2: In Too Deep' release
starring: Bill Barnett, Cam Kornman, Vin Knight, Kelly Miller, Mark Hervey, Fredda Lomsky,
Peter Picard, JM McDonough, Bigi Ebbin, Brian Patacca, Mel Klein
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