a short film by Jenni Olson
2008 | 7 mins | US
›› 575 Castro St
a seven minute insight into the mind of Harvey Milk
575 Castro St by Jenni Olson Slowly moving from set to set and from camera angle to variant angle, this simple but powerful short from director Jenni Olson makes use of the set as meticulously constructed for Gus Van Sant's acclaimed feature Milk, to showcase a seven minute insight into the mind of the man himself.

For here Olson delights in capturing the light and shadows that play on the interior design of this remounted address, being if anything akin to the experimental Super 8 films of the period that were handed in to be developed as part of the regular Castro Camera Store's day-to-day business.

Commissioned for the FilmInFocus.com website in conjunction with the theatrical release of Milk, this almost bereft of movement work is fittingly set to the emotional words of Harvey Milk as recorded on the evening of Friday, November 18, 1977; namely the noted audio cassette as to be played "in the event of my death by assassination." The result is a vivid reminder of the inner thoughts of a man who courageously fought for gay rights in an era of intense opposition and who came to pay the ultimate price for his words of love, compassion and hope. Strikingly poignant, to say the least.
with the moving words of Harvey Milk.
"You got to give them hope."
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