a short film by Trevor Anderson
2009 | 6 mins | Canada
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a gays only island - a 'homo-utopia' or not?
The Island by Trevor Anderson Written, co-produced, directed and performed by Trevor Anderson, with bright and breezy animation courtesy of Rat Creek Design, this imaginative Canadian short is ironically thanks to a homophobic email that Anderson received suggesting that all gays should be "put on an island, so you can give each other AIDS."

All of which got Anderson thinking - why not? For what if homosexuals had an island of their own? Exit gay ghetto and welcome to a 'homo-utopia' as-it-were, namely a tropical paradise complete with universal access to free life prolonging cocktails, the strongest masseurs for those in need of special 'hands on' attention and a Godly send off for our friends who pass to new waters.

The Island by Trevor Anderson Sure it's a rant, but along the way Anderson singles out AIDS care as he voices his thoughts whilst walking through the snow covered terrain of Cold Lake, northern Alberta; computer graphic style.

Only would you want to live on 'Fagot Island' as he calls it? Interestingly Anderson concludes that as nice an idea as it is, even in his fantasies he can't stay there very long, as there's something about the place that seems - kind of lonely. And that's just the point, for in this highly colourful but poignant piece, Anderson prompts the question of whether you would wish to live your life devoid of contact with our bisexual, transgender and lesbian friends, let alone the land of the straights? A 'homo-utopia' or perhaps an island just worth the occasional visit - the jury is out!
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys on Film 2: In Too Deep' release
starring: Trevor Anderson | animation director: Jeff Ledrew
Copyright 2009 David Hall - www.gaycelluloid.com.
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