a film by Robert Gaston
2007 | 68 mins | US
›› 2 Minutes Later
a sexy homoerotic styled thriller
2 Minutes Later by Robert Gaston If you're in the mood for a sexy homoerotic styled thriller in which seemingly almost all of the main characters clothes fall off, then here's one for you! And it all centers around Michael Dalmar, the second born of identical hunks who finds himself working alongside feisty lesbian private investigator Abigail Marks, in the hope of shedding light on the sudden disappearance of his not so lovable sibling.

For when brother Kyle happens to be a celebrity photographer with a notorious reputation for humiliating his naked models, is isn't long before Michael's desire to double up as the man himself, is to his peril. Yet in his desperate search for his missing twin, is there more to Kyle's story, than what's on a lost and found memory card?

2 Minutes Later by Robert Gaston Indeed is there more to this story? For as is obvious, this is not Shakespeare. But then it never purports to be. What it is, is a car chasing, gun shooting, crime busting homoerotic thriller filled to breaking point with close encounters of the L&G kind, let alone a line up of hunks without trucks! Yet it also feels like a television pilot and who knows may well have been, given it closes with a 'THE END?' notation. Only unlike many a pilot I could mention, here if you take away all the sex and nudity, there isn't much of a story left and what little story there is, will no doubt be more than familiar to serious cinemagoers.

Thankfully and to their credit, both Michael Molina as Michael / Kyle Dalmar and Jessica Graham as PI Abigail Marks make the most of their roles, inparticular Graham who shines as the love 'em / leave 'em lesbian of the piece. For at the end of the day, you cannot help but like this feast of film noir fun, even with all of its shortcomings and of those, there are many.

That said, writer and director Robert Gaston has delivered exactly what he intended, namely pure L&G entertainment, laced as it is with more manly members visible than what you can shake a dildo at, let alone gorgeous girls getting tongue-tied with each other - literally! Only for all of the enjoyable sexual frolics to be had, you cannot help but feel that next time, more plot and less nudity - please. Then again, perhaps that's just me?
available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue.
starring: Michael Molina, Jessica Graham, Peter Stickles, J Matthew Miller, Jennifer Layne Park, Mei-Yahn Hwang,
Joe Almanza, Houston Bernard, Liz Douglas, Grant Barker, Scott Spragg, Kim Blackman, Adam R Deremer,
Annette Kaplafka, Kevin Momenee, Danielle Ochroch, Grey Pronko, Greg Ratz, Sean Simms,
Nick Smith, Dan Van Wert and Ben Sander as Emily Monroe.
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