a film by David DeCoteau
2009 | 86 mins | US
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sexy cinematic chills served gay style!
The Pit and the Pendulum by David DeCoteau Yearning for a change in your manly viewing? Well if so, then how about a bit of homoerotic horror? For that's exactly what's on offer here, as seven students arrive at an ex asylum to participate in a hypnotic experiment to explore the elimination of pain, courtesy of their hostess, one sexy and seductive JB Divay, daughter of the late Dr Dimitri that legend has, undertook a series of unorthodox experiments on the criminally insane decades earlier.

Only before you can say tick-tock, boys are kissing boys, girls are kissing girls and things are going bump in the middle of the night. And not in the way us boys like. For people are starting to disappear, leaving leader of the pack Jason to figure out what's going on, before he and lover boy Kyle end up sharing more than just a bed together!

The Pit and the Pendulum by David DeCoteau Yes all the clichés are here folks. That of an ex mental hospital hidden miles away from anywhere, a group of Adonis like strangers who one by one start to mysteriously exit stage left, let alone the obligatory spooky hostess, who in the hands of Lorielle New doubles up as a dominatrix complete with whip and boots. But that said, it's all good cheesy homoerotic fun, courtesy of a story by Edgar Allan Poe, a spirited screenplay by way of Simon Savory and a director who seizes every opportunity he can to get his hunks down to their trunks. For here prolific filmmaker David DeCoteau does what he does best, relishing in the genre and letting rip in trademark fashion.

Sure this is not Shakespeare, but then it never purports to be. What it is, is a high production horror flick not afraid to titillate, laced as it is with bare chests, let alone a pair of jocks eager to get down to some man-on-man wrestling. Only do I hear any complaints? Yes perhaps for those wanting more gore for their money. But hey, this is jam-packed with an all too attractive cast who play the whole 'cacti and clocks' scenario to a tee. For in the end, this is a film that delivers what it says on the box, namely therapy that turns deadly for a group of sexy athletes. In other words, sexy cinematic chills served gay style. Need more be said?
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starring: Lorielle New, Stephen Hansen, Danielle Demski, Andrew Bowen, Michael King, Amy Paffrath,
Tom Sandoval, Greg Sestero, Jason Shane-Scott, Jason Stuart, Bart Voitila
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