a short film by Tim Hunter
2007 | 6 mins | Australia
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six sexy minutes of sexual infidelity
Working It Out by Tim Hunter What is it with gay men, sex and gyms? Or should that be just men - full stop? For here Peter and Marcus' habitual after work workout is disrupted upon the arrival of Jeremy, a cute him new to their gym who Marcus becomes increasingly convinced that his partner has, how you say - already done some one-on-one reps with! Only in working out where this gym bunny fits in to their relationship, will the pair of lovers arrive at the right conclusion before 'up for a threesome' Jeremy extends a manly invite - steam room style!

Based on his short play of the same name that premiered at the 2006 Australian production of 'Boyfriends from Hell,' this comical tale of sex and suspicion from writer and director Tim Hunter of Packed Lunch fame, charts the ole adage of when the cat's away, some men, do play! Just some, I hear you add? Whatever, here Hunter takes delight in showcasing the perfect couple who do everything together, from discussing what's on the menu tonight, to working out - in more ways than one!

Complete with the almost requisite shower scene, this, at heart, is a work on the subject of infidelity. Not that Hunter attempts to preach a sermon on the issue of human relationships and those who are tempted to play away from home. But that said, he does lace his work with the odd twist or two, together with his seemingly trademark Speedo shot - or is that just me, given this is but six sexy minutes of sexual infidelity. Need more be said?
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys on Film 2: In Too Deep' release
starring: Simon Kearney, Paul Ross, Glaston Toft
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