a short film by Jason Bushman
2007 | 13 mins | France
›› Serene Hunter
a refreshingly honest examination of gay relationships
Serene Hunter by Jason Bushman Relationships - funny things aren't they, given some folk yearn for them, whilst others can do without them, preferring instead the thrill of the chase. Take Luc for example, a Parisian hunk who delights in laptop hookups, until he finds himself moving in with Sébastien, a young man only too well aware of his 'special relationship' with LA based Jon; a sauna buddy who heads to Paris every year for some sexual sweat with his - French horn! Only this time around something is different; for surely the hunter hasn't fallen prey to love?

Written, directed and starring Jason Bushman of Hard Pill fame, this refreshingly honest examination of gay relationships details the highs and lows of playing the field. In doing so, neither the cast, nor the narrative, shy away from the reality of the situation, as the 'to be or not to be monogamous' debate is played to the full, complete with scenes of penile nudity that make this the most sexually overt short featured on Peccadillo Pictures critically acclaimed 'Boys on Film' debut compilation.

Yet this is also a work laced with many a tender moment, notably the initial sequences between Luc / Eric Debets and Sébastien / Jonathan Stringat, together with certain scenes between Luc and 'the other woman' in his life, as finely played by Bushman himself. Yes the hunt for sex remains the dominant theme, as Luc relentlessly cruises his way to his next climatic encounter. But it's well-shot throughout, with Bushman displaying a fine talent in all areas, inparticular in showcasing the complex nature of human relationships in such an entertaining way. Need more be said?
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys on Film 1: Hard Love' release
starring: Eric Debets, Jonathan Stringat, Jason Bushman, Flannan Obé, Thibaut Chassigneux-Laqueille
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