a short film by Damien Rea
2006 | 10 mins | UK
›› Scarred
appearances, at times, can be deceptive
Scarred by Damien Rea Both mentally and physically scarred by way of a homophobic attack that left his once beautiful face marked for life, young Rafi is only too well aware that his scar has put a damper on his love life, given every man he meets seemingly cannot see past his scarred exterior. That is until he comes into contact with Joe; a blind date who is totally at ease with his facial disfigurement. Only is this 'perfect match' all that it appears to be?

Written, co-produced and directed by Damien Rea, this well-executed, if under-the-skin tale, is one that inspite of the splendid work from headliners Chris Anderson as Rafi, David Durham as Joe and Lara Cazalet as best friend Celia, marks yet another example of a film in which the narrative is the star of the piece. To that end, Rea delights in teasing his audience with flashbacks of the night the scarring took place, weaving his cinematic web in such a way that you just know that a twist is in the making and here, he does not disappoint.

Winner of the Planet Out Short Movie Award and based upon the story "Scar Tissue" by Gordon Beeferman, the result is a finely staged work that inspite of a somewhat sudden ending, just goes to show that appearances, at times, can be deceptive.
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys on Film 1: Hard Love' release
starring: Chris Anderson, David Durham, Lara Cazalet
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