a short film by Jean Baptiste Erreca
made with the artistic collaboration of Ronald Rosa
2006 | 26 mins | France
›› Cowboy Forever
a beautiful work on love and true friendship
Cowboy Forever by Jean Baptiste Erreca Far removed from the gay urban beat as you could get, this well-crafted French docu-drama tells the part fictionalised story of Govinda, a Brazilian cowboy who finds himself captivated by the new man on the ranch, namely straight talking and well just straight period Jones - sorry no Brokeback Mountain encounters between the boys here folks! That said and like the Ang Lee classic, what is on clear view is a deep friendship that develops between the two gauchos, in a work that interestingly casts the straight man of the piece taking it upon himself to open up his newfound friend to his repressed sexuality.

Whether or not Govinda embraces his homosexual self, would be saying, but it is the tender scenes and genuine sense of camaraderie between the two men that form the foundation stone of this somewhat romantic, definitely laid-back, tale of love and true friendship. That writer and director Erreca laces his short with a series of both subtle and touching moments, including an insight into Brazilian gay life, make for a simply beautiful work and here I'm not just referring to the breathtaking landscape. A pure delight!
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys on Film 1: Hard Love' release
starring: Govinda Machado de Figueiredo, Jones Carlos Fialho de Araújo, Ronald Rosa
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