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a short film by Aleksei Borovikov.

2020 | 7 mins | US.

the near wordless encounter between two men.

Dave says:

There isn't really much to this very short, short film from writer and director Aleksei Borovikov. Yet having said that, there's equally no denying that there's something quite beautiful in the simplicity of the story, one that in essence is all about how two strangers make eye contact with each other in a busy city centre café and connect with each other through telling glances; rather than words.

To that end and by no surprise, there's hardly any dialogue to be heard. But thanks to the eye movements and facial expressions of actors Enrique Escarpita and Ryan Pikofsky, there's no doubting the emotional encounter between the two, given there's something quite disconcerting when someone looks directly into your eyes and holds that glance for longer than a casual stare, as this work strikingly depicts. That the storyline revolves around such and the series of feelings, perhaps uncomfortable at first, that go hand in hand when you lock eyes with a stranger, goes without saying, even if come close-of-play you're left wondering if this could be just the start of something more akin to a beautiful thing. Sadly all but over before you know it, in the end who could resist those loving eyes and radiant smile? Say no more.

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›› posted: Monday, 8th November, 2021.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 

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