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a short film by Benjamin Teske.

2013 | 23 mins | Germany.

the heart-warming tale of the reconciliation between a father and son.

Dave says:

Written by Cherokee Agnew and directed with considerable flair by Benjamin Teske, this poignant short film is beautifully played out, from beginning to close-of-play.

It tells the story of Leonie (Sabin Tambrea); a transgendered woman who makes the most of her life, even if love seemingly remains as elusive, as a tender kiss in the night. Yet this night, or rather the morning after the night before is different, courtesy of the arrival of her mother Marion (Hedi Kriegeskotte) with news that sees Leonie return to the family run carnival ghost train, only to be greeted with a more than lukewarm reception from her father Ludwig (Ronald Nitschke); a man whose bigoted views forced her to leave home, all those years ago. Happy to see a face from the past however is childhood sweetheart Trixi (Janna Horstmann); namely a girl who's totally at ease with Leon's female form. Yet the reason for Leonie's return all too soon becomes apparent, as the declining health of Ludwig prompts a renewed friendship between the two whether they want it, or not.

In short, this is but the heart-warming tale of the reconciliation between a father and son and of his gradual acceptance of the trans sexuality of his sole child. It's a telling work that sees Leonie as wonderfully played by Tambrea, return home is the guise of Leon, casting aside both make-up and dress in a bid to be 'the son' Ludwig always wanted, even if that means a bloody punch to the face. Yet you cannot and should not hide who you are and here the story comes full circle with a family united in their love for each other, with both Kriegeskotte and Nitschke equally on fine form throughout. Touching and quite beautiful, kind of goes without saying.

›› available as part of the NEW QUEER VISIONS: PARENTAL GUIDANCE shorts compilation.
›› posted: Friday, 22nd October, 2021.

Trans Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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