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a short film by Eric Ernerstedt and Julija Green.

2017 | 38 mins | Sweden.

a vivid portrayal of how two's company, only for three to be a crowd.

Dave says:

Written, produced, directed and starring Eric Ernerstedt and Julija Green, this short film is but a vivid portrayal of how two's company, only for three to be a crowd.

It focuses on the lives of Jacob (Eric Ernerstedt) and Nicholas (Viktor Åkerblom); devoted lovers whose lives are turned upside down upon the arrival of Jacob's ex-girlfriend Polly (Julija Green); namely the girl he left for Nicholas' warm embrace all those years ago. Initially resentful of her presence, Nicholas soon warms to her quirky personality as the three become best friends in no time at all, reminiscing about times past, whilst enjoying the days and nights of the present. Only it would appear that Nicholas is enjoying Polly's company too much; a fact that hasn't gone unnoticed by Jacob, who is well aware that his man now prefers to be with her; rather than with him. That Polly's extended stay with them must eventually come to an end, goes without saying. But in saying goodbye, will it be with the warmth of their first - hello?

Well-played from start to finish by the three stars of the show, this roller coaster ride of emotions wonderfully walks the narrative line of questioning what happens when the man of your dreams begins to yearn for - the other woman? To that end and whilst there's no doubting the love shared between Jacob and Nicholas, naturally played by the Ernerstedt / Åkerblom pairing, there's equally no doubt this drama delights in building up the sexual tension between Nicholas and Jacob's ex. To that end, Green is splendid in the role, only to end up as seemingly the guilty party. Yet it takes two to tango, given it's clear that the pair never intended to hurt the man they both love.

Complete with an open-ended styled close-of-play that may provide an answer to the above, or perhaps not, the result is but a telling reminder of the possible consequences of inviting a third party into a stable relationship and how things may never be the same again, as feelings of love, longing and regret gatecrash the bliss that was once a private party. Say no more.

›› available as part of THE SWEDISH BOYS shorts compilation.
›› posted: Friday, 26th March, 2021.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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