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a short film by Jaime Fidalgo.

2017 | 11 mins | Mexico.

a wondrous coming out styled comedy of errors.

Dave says:

Essentially a two-man play, this delightful variant of the perennial theme of coming out from co-writer and director Jaime Fidalgo tells the story of two best friends, wonderfully played by Luis Alberti and Juan Pablo Castañeda, who meet for a beer or two at a local bistro. At first none too happy that his best friend stood him up the other night in order to read a book about "two dudes who send each other letters", all is about to change when his friend reveals how that book has finally given him the confidence to, well accept who he is for the first time in his life. Suddenly becoming aware of just how gay friendly this particular bistro is, his best friend naturally puts two and two together and makes five!

Well-played from start to finish, this wondrous coming out styled comedy of errors has a lot going for it, as over a number of mezcal shots, the conversation between the two men takes on a series of twists and at times decidedly heated turns.

It's a captivating narrative that's aided by some creative cinematography from Carlos de Miguel. Yet it's the Alberti and Castañeda pairing who deliver the goods, revealing in turn their characters' attitudes to homosexuality; from the outstretched hand of sexual acceptance, to the shocking reality of prejudice by those who poignantly would otherwise consider themselves to be open-minded. That Fidalgo makes his heartfelt message of sexual acceptance without ever coming across preachy or didactic is to his credit, in a work in which the dialogue never drags, being both comical and yet perceptive at the same time, along the way saying much on what it means to be gay and macho in the Mexican society of today. Frankly, need more be said?

›› available as part of THE LATIN BOYS - VOLUME 2 shorts compilation.
›› posted: Sunday, 28th February, 2021.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 

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