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a short film by Rafael Ruiz Espejo.

2016 | 7 mins | Mexico.

an old sock falls in love with an attractive young man.

Dave says:

Bright and bursting with fun, this somewhat quirky short film tells the story of a lonely old sock, of the no pair variety, who falls in love with an attractive young man, as played by Nathaniel Medina. And if all this sounds kind of surreal, well frankly it is and yet this dialogue free work is beautifully played, with writer and director Rafael Ruiz Espejo going out of his way to add a series of comical moments to his work, whilst equally playing to his core audience, filling almost every scene with a sensuous homoerotic edge to it.

Indeed and in many ways, this work speaks volumes on relationships and in particular of a one-night stand where clearly one party has fallen in love, whilst the other is only too happy to say goodbye in the morning, like throwing an old sock out in the wash. Say no more.

›› available as part of THE MALE GAZE: THE BOY IS MINE shorts compilation.
›› posted: Sunday, 3rd January, 2021.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 

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