›› Wild Awakening - Salvaje Despertar ‹‹

a film by Joan Fermí Martí.

2016 | 93 mins | Spain.

an entertaining mix of high camp and homoerotica.

Dave says:

Some films aren't meant to be taken seriously and this is certainly one of them. And if you bear that in mind, then this is an entertaining mix of high camp and homoerotica. Played like a cross between melodrama and a Spanish gay themed soap opera, it tells the story of all-round cutie Toni (Fabián Castro), who along with his sister Emma (Júlia Hernández) run a riding school; albeit when Toni's not out getting up close and personal with seemingly most of the men in the area. That is until he finds himself falling for the manly charms of the foreman's son and resident hunk Aarón (Christian Blanch). No surprise then that this is when things start to get complicated, given sister Emma also has the hots for the same man, not the mention - oh, I'm about to, the outright homophobia of Aarón's father Ramón (Richie Ormon); a man who would prefer a dead son, over a gay one. And then Aarón is suddenly no-where to be found...

In short, this is gay Jim and certainly as we know it, with enough man-candy on hand to more than keep the boyz happy, as hunk after hunk come to lose some, if not all of their clothes. And whilst the low budget of the piece at times shows, the outdoor beauty of the ranch location is easy on the eye. As too are the studs of the piece, with more here than what you can shake your riding stick at, let alone Jordi Pujol cast as a trans styled Sharon Stone impersonator, or should that be more Marilyn Monroe.

Sure, the result is nothing more than a celluloid slice of whodunit styled homoerotica. Yet the ever so fit cast play their largely undemanding roles with just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek humour, that it's kind of a guilty pleasure to watch, with Christian Blanch more than happy to give you a tantalizing glimpse of 'the big boy' he clearly is, let alone get down to some sensuous man-on-man action with lead Fabián Castro. Frankly, need more be said?

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Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek PLUS. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 

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