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a short film by Christian Edvard Halberg and Helle Rossing.

2016 | 24 mins | Denmark.

a provocative look at those into pozplay.

Dave says:

Oliver (Max Raundahl) and Cilie (Helle Rossing) have a special bond, one that goes far beyond your typical brother / sister relationship. Living opposite each other in flats that overlook their rear windows, Oliver is as open with his sexuality, as the two are at being at ease in each other's naked company. Yet what does Cilie really know about her brother, given this is a man who would rather be out hunting for sex of the no strings and no condom attached variety, than attend her birthday party. Letting those close to him believe that he's HIV positive, rather than tell them the negative truth, Oliver is determined to risk it all seemingly because of an overwhelming desire to have someone take care of him. Or so it would at first appear.

Jointly directed by writer Christian Edvard Halberg and co-star Helle Rossing, this well-played work frankly at times makes for difficult viewing, not just on account of the subject under discussion, but by way of a series of unnerving close-up shots of Oliver's bloodshot eyes. No surprise then that Max Raundahl dominates throughout in his portrayal of a likeable, if somewhat confused young man, resulting in a work that is but a provocative look at those into pozplay. And whilst the requisite sex scenes are realistic to the core, without being explicit, at the end of the day we do not get to know why Oliver would repeatedly risk putting himself in harm's way, a point that is indicative of a work that raises more questions, than what it answers. But to its credit, it does raise them.

›› available as part of the NEW QUEER VISIONS shorts compilation - THE DANISH BOYS.
›› posted: Sunday, 1st November, 2020.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek, plus. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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