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a short film by Maria Augusta V. Nunes.

2018 | 15 mins | Brazil.

a bittersweet work on to thy ownself, being true.

Dave says:

Both moving and deeply poignant, this telling short film from writer and director Maria Augusta V. Nunes follows the burgeoning friendship between social media shy and striking redhead Laura (Alice Doro) and all-round cutie Fábio (Aleff Resler). Strangers to each other at first, they soon hit it off, with their shared love of skateboarding being the bond between the two that keeps on getting stronger. Yet something is off. For whilst it's apparent that Fábio has fallen for Laura, she keeps resisting his advances for reasons that are all but clear to the seasoned eye.

And here I'm not even going to say the word, given to do so would be a spoiler, even if it's obvious from day one. What I will add is that this short is beautifully played throughout, with Gabriel Rinaldi's lush cinematography framing picture postcard style various key elements of the story, one that above all is about to thy ownself, being true. A pure delight, in spite of the somewhat bittersweet close-of-play.

›› available as part of NEW QUEER VISIONS: RIGHT BESIDE YOU shorts compilation.
›› posted: Wednesday, 23rd September, 2020.

Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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