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a short film by Hieu Tran.

2014 | 15 mins | US.

an eye-candy styled short that questions perceived stereotypes.

Dave says:

Making the most of a limited budget, this short film tells the story of two hunks, one Asian and one Caucasian, who meet for a one-night stand, only to discover that when it comes to getting up close and personal, both prefer to be 'on top' of the situation, so-to-speak.

To that end, the camera delights in focusing on the manly torsos of its eye-candy styled stars, with Yamil Jaiman as Tate and Ethan Le Phong as Wally delivering the goods, even if the whole affair remains surprisingly coy when it comes to the male nudity department, given the nature of the screenplay. Then again, the narrative is more of the questioning kind, with writer and director Hieu Tran here questioning perceived stereotypes; be they racial and / or sexual, if not the very nature of the one-night stand itself and how the act of sex, may not necessarily satisfy the needs of those looking for sex and perhaps something more.

Yet this is one of those works that appears to be too afraid to push the cinematic envelope where needed, with certain issues clearly left blowing in the wind. And whilst there's some neat scenes between the boyz, for a message-in-a-bottle piece this could have said so much more. The hint of romance however, is ever welcome.

›› posted: Tuesday, 14th July, 2020.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 2+ stars. 

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