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a short film by Lorelei Pepi.

2014 | 10 mins | US.

a hilarious gay parody of the vintage cartoons of the 1930's.

Official Synopsis:

A queer revisionist history of 1930's black and white cartoons, Happy & Gay is a musical cartoon inspired by the power of representation.

Dave says:

There's a lot to like in this animated short film that tells the story of two devoted lesbians who invite their gay best friends out dancing, only not at the star club in town, rather at a behind closed doors bar open to everyone of differing sexuality. Dancing the night away, such fun 'n' frolics come to an abrupt end by way of a police raid, with the loving couples fleeing the joint faster than Linford Christie in the 100 metre final. Seeking refuge, they end up the stars of a double wedding, only for the reality of their sexual pairing to hit home, condemned seemingly by all present, as sinners. Yet who is without sin cast the first stone...

Packed with a series of delightful sight gags, alongside Brian Carpenter's apt score, including the title song, the whole production from writer and director Lorelei Pepi vividly captures the homophobia of the period and the underground clubs that were the sole outlet for those with a-liking for same-sex relationships. The result is a hilarious gay parody of the vintage cartoons of the 1930's, made with an attention to detail that cannot help but impress. Yet the irony remains that this highly entertaining short could never have been produced at the time, it references.

›› available as part of the BOYS ON FILM #17 shorts compilation - Love Is The Drug.
›› posted: Friday, 3rd July, 2020.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 

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