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a short film by André D. Chambers.

2017 | 15 mins | UK.

a heartfelt work on coming out to your family.

Official Synopsis:

A year into his relationship, Dan finally agrees to come out to his family. He writes letters to all of them. As each arrives, he deals with the aftermath, until there's only one left...

Dave says:

Opening with some passionate man-on-man action, this heartfelt message-in-a-bottle piece is as the title suggests, all about coming out to your family and in particular the apprehension that many a gay man feels when faced with the prospect of coming out to their father; here played by Ricky Tomlinson of The Royle Family fame. After all; what's your dad gonna say?

It's a situation that writer and star of the show Carl Loughlin aka Dan finds himself in, having been confronted by his boyfriend who tired of forever being his secret lover, urges him to finally say it - like it is. Letters are duly sent to one and all, with Dan appearing on the doorsteps of his grandmother, mother and sister thereafter to discover just how his words landed. Yet the outcome of one letter remains blowing in the wind, as Dan is set to discover the consequences of tellin' dad.

Set in Liverpool and inspired by Loughlin's own coming out story, albeit with an ending the polar opposite of his real life experience, this from the heart piece wonderfully captures the anxiety of coming out to your family and in particular, in a tough working class environment. Filmed accordingly, in backstreets where being gay is hardly something to shout about, there's a serious side to this short, notable in the opening credits that cite the alarming figures on depression amongst the LGBT youth of today.

Yet this is not a downbeat work. Rather in shining the spotlight on the uncertainty as to how each individual member of Dan's family will react, the narrative equally showcases how many a gay man is perhaps more worried about coming out to one and all, than what they need be. Indeed and as Loughlin so succinctly said, the way how someone reacts to the news, says more about them, than it does about you.

›› available as part of the BOYS ON FILM #17 shorts compilation - Love Is The Drug.
›› posted: Sunday, 21st June, 2020.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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