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a short film by Christopher Brown.

2014 | 19 mins | UK.

a strikingly dark post-apocalyptic look at the future.

starring: Teddy Nicholas / Samford, Cai Brigden / Max and Antony De Liseo as the Boy.

Official Synopsis:

Two young men and a boy roam the overgrown English countryside, seeking to escape a deadly virus. The two men are forced to take a horrific decision after the boy's behaviour puts them in increasing danger - but is it too late to cheat death?

Dave says:

Those yearning for something different in the gay narrative department will certainly find this intriguing short film from writer and director Christopher Brown a refreshing change to the norm, as we take a strikingly dark post-apocalyptic look at the future, courtesy of a tale that revolves around the relationship between two men who will do anything to survive a contagious virus that has all but wiped out mankind, and a young man who threatens to put their very lives at risk.

Indeed, it's that menacing, at times violent element of the story that dominates, to the point that the gay angle of the piece is played so much in the background that it almost appears superfluous to the plot; whereas in reality it's integral to the story. For this is a work with a twist in its tale, albeit one that will come as no surprise to those familiar with The Pardoner's Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer.

In short, this is "gay Jim, but not as we know it", with the boy ever keen to touch any infected body he finds, in spite of having been repeatedly warned that - you don't go near them. That the cast cope well with their few lines is to their credit; as too Brown makes good use of relicts from the past, with a modern-day music centre that springs back to life wonderfully juxtaposed with the medieval styled homemade string instrument played by the boy. Only and as much as I admire those writers and directors who try to break free from the traditional gay genres and go for something new, somewhere along the way this short frankly falls short of its full potential, having come so close and yet so far from making the viewer question who or what is the real danger here; that of the deadly virus, OR a virtually mute young man clearly damaged by what he has experienced, yet who still yearns for love and affection, only to find himself sexually exploited by those who purport to be his friends and protectors? A sure case of the worm that turned; indeed.

Gay Visibility - background. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 

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