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a short film by Raphaêl Gressier and Sully Ledermann.

2015 | 11 mins | France.

a tender tale of boys in love that speaks of love and acceptance.

starring: Raphaêl Gressier / Julien, Sully Ledermann / Pierre and Fred Harsant as the Father.

Official Synopsis:

Julien and Pierre are both seventeen and in love with each other. Only life is not that easy...

Dave says:

What at first appears to be a tender tale of boys in love is actually a work in numerous parts; from that of a delightful coming out story to a closing credits wake-up call to the alarming number of teenage suicides in France; from those attempted, to the dreadful reality of all too many young men and women who tragically succeed in taking their very life. Yet what is of interest here is that this production was written and directed by the two young stars of the show, namely Raphaêl Gressier and Sully Ledermann. As a consequence this makes for a most personal of projects, with the two frankly having packed quite a story into such a short duration; from two best friends coming out to each other, to the son's homophobic father discovering just how friendly the two boys are and a response that ... well, that would be saying.

What can be said is that this work and by no surprise, is not without its share of drama, as the two now outed boys fear not only parental rejection, but ultimately being forced apart from each other. And no wonder with a father who from the onset is found questioning how his son's best friend appears to spend "all day here" before adding that his son could bring home "a girl from time to time". Yet in between such scenes lies many a joyous moment; from the initial look of love between the two, to a comical "hide 'n' seek" section that sees the boys tiptoe around the house, carefully avoiding the father on their way to make love; albeit strictly of the blurred variety.

Complete with a heartfelt message that speaks of love and acceptance, here both Gressier and Ledermann have to be applauded in shining the spotlight on the shocking statistic of 80,000 attempted teenage suicides in France every year, of which near to 1,000 will result in death, leaving bereft friends and family forever mourning the loss of a loved one. As ever, check it out below and see what you think, even if I cannot help but feel that I will not be alone is having wished there had been a bit more romantic lip-service between the boys. C'est la vie, as the French do say.

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Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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