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a short film by Bonzo Villegas and Carlos Vilaró Nadal.

2014 | 22 mins | Argentina.

the inner turmoil of a man yearning to set his sexual self free.

principal players: Pablo Delgado / Emanuel, Marcos Zerda / Alejandro, Verónica Paz / Laura, Emiliano Monteros / Tano,
Santiago Gallo / Santi, Juan María Juárez / Rodolfo and Enzo Torasso as Lalón.

Adapted Synopsis:

Emanuel; a closeted rugby player, can't find his place in an environment that he finds repressive and incoherent. Yet where is he to go?

Dave says:

Time for another FreeView my friends and what better than this emotional work that finds directors Bonzo Villegas and Carlos Vilaró Nadal vividly depict the troubled mindset of a man seemingly trapped in the macho environment around him, whilst yearning to set his sexual self free.

For Emanuel is that man; always focused on the game in hand, yet ever careful not to let his eyes stray too much in the changing rooms thereafter. Seeking solace in the arms of his best friend and perhaps more Alejandro, a man totally at ease with his sexual desires, their lives couldn't be more different as Emanuel struggles to accept his homosexuality; a situation that his sister is well aware of.

In short, this is a work that achingly illustrates the inner turmoil of a man longing to leave social conformity behind and just be his sexual self in an environment devoid of homophobia. And frankly, that isn't much to ask for; now is it? That the short is open-ended can leave you in two minds as to the outcome. Yet to my mind the message is clear, given this is the story of a man who finally realizes that the life he yearns to live, lies just beyond the horizon. Beautifully played, there's a lot to like here, even if the camera is all too coy in the nudity department. As ever, check it out and see what you think.

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Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - coy. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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