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a short film by Joel Schumacher.

2011 | 17 mins | US.

facing up to the man you are with honesty and pride.

starring: EJ Bonilla / Jason, Delia Cariño / Michelle, Selenis Leyva / Sonia, Julito McCullum / Peter, Samantha Tavares / Ellie,
Lorgio Velez / Michael, Dangelly Susana / Joey, Ben Newell / Eric, Kaila DeSilva / Kelly and Joshua Cruz as Sully.

Official Synopsis:

Jason Gutierrez is a Puerto Rican from New York City and the quintessential all-American guy. Status comes at a price, as rumours spread that Jason is gay. With his sexual identity questioned, Jason is pushed to understand who he is and prove how far he will go to show that he's just "one of the boys."

Dave says:

Filmed boys in the hood style and played with a mix of acting prowess, the compelling theme of this to thy own self - be true work comes through loud and clear, thanks largely to the fine work by EJ Bonilla who wonderfully showcases the mixed emotions of a popular high school student struggling to come to terms with his sexuality.

Strikingly juxtaposing the open arms of sexual acceptance and outright pride, with the seemingly ingrained homophobia of Jason's circle of friends, this short and whilst directed by major Hollywood player Joel Schumacher of Batman Forever fame, is frankly no-where as sharp as it should have been. Then again, this is a very much a community piece, having been produced by Scenarios USA as a means to give students a celluloid platform to speak on issues that matter not just to themselves, but to their communities at large.

The result is a work that speaks of the fears many young men feel in coming out; that of the fear of rejection and losing the love of friends and family. No surprise then that the ending finds Jason having to choose between forever living a sexual lie, or finally facing up to the man he is with honesty and pride, even if its cliffhanger styled delivery will I dare say not be to everyone's liking. That said, it's heartfelt "okay to be gay" message cannot be said loud enough.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 

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