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a short film by Anna Nolskog.

2012 | 15 mins | Sweden.

an intimate portrayal of teenage sexual experimentation.

starring: Charlie Gustafsson / John, Joakim Lang / Nicholas, Sophie Adolfsson / Rebecca,
Palmira Koukkari Mbenga / Renée and Felicia Löwerdahl as Ella.

Official Synopsis:

Best friends John and Nicholas aren't confident about having sex with girls, so to avoid embarrassment they decide to get some practise - on each other.

Dave says:

Written and directed by Anna Nolskog, this sensuous short revolves around two hetero best friends who go well beyond the call of duty in their pursuit of the ladies. And that's the beauty of this work, given it's played entirely from the straight angle, as John and Nicholas think about girls, talk about girls; that is when not watching porn strictly of the all-girl variety. After all, these boys are straight: aren't they?

In short, this is but an intimate portrayal of teenage sexual experimentation, as two best friends "try things out" on each other so as to improve their sexual technique; a somewhat OTT (or perhaps not?) scenario that nonetheless is well-played throughout thanks to the wonderfully natural performances from leads Charlie Gustafsson and Joakim Lang, who between them add some neat comical turns along the way, as John tries to chat up a local shop girl with all of the awkwardness of a teenager still wearing his L-plates in the art of seduction.

Enhanced by the Swedish matter-of-fact "we should get some practise on each other" styled delivery, frankly, there's a lot to like here, even if Nolskog proves to be a right tease, having deliberately left you wondering if all the "straight talk" has in reality been just a means for the two young men to get up close and personal with each other? And on that the jury is still out, even if there's some lovely telling glances come close of play.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

nudity guide: brief male rear nudity from co-lead Charlie Gustafsson.

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