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a short film by Reid Waterer.

2016 | 15 mins | US.

a contemplative work that questions the value of friendship, over sex.

starring: Dylan Wayne Lawrence / Jared, Daniel Lipshutz / Brent, Enzo Nova / Danny and Colin Van Wye as Kort.

Official Synopsis:

A comedy about gay friends who wake up after sleeping together and try to make sense of the unclear line between friendship and love.

Dave says:

Billed as a comedy, this is in truth the reverse, but in a good way, as writer and director Reid Waterer of You Can't Curry Love fame delivers a poignant piece on the meaning of friendship. For that's at the core of this short, as three best friends wake up in the morning after the drunken night before to discover they've crossed the dividing line of friends who share a bed together, to those who share the lube together.

Only what is the precise nature of their love? The brotherly love that best friends feel for each other, OR that intense passion that only true lovers feel? And if the latter, can a threesome ever turn into a lasting relationship? In short, here Waterer raises a series of questions that clearly do not have easy answers, along the way commenting on how genuine friendship is so hard to find. Serious issues that equate to a contemplative work that questions the value of friendship, over sex.

Well-played throughout, with our trio of cuties seen getting down to some manly hanky-panky, Waterer intriguingly goes against the cinematic norm, presenting the flashback section of his short in colour, whilst and for the main part, the present tense is seen in striking monochrome. Not that I'm complaining, as I'm a big fan of the medium, as clearly Waterer is a fan of reflective works, given his sexy short Performance Anxiety questioned the mindset of two straight actors contracted to perform a gay love scene together.

Professionally shot and edited as you would expect, frankly there's a lot to like here, given it's more than refreshing to see a gay short that openly questions the very definition of friendship, even if the narrative is yearning for a bit more comedy to lighten the tone. But then, such is the subject under discussion that I dare say one-liners just don't come naturally, even if one and all certainly try.

As a side note and for those wishing to see more of Daniel Lipshutz and Enzo Nova; well, these two Bed Buddies can be seen in Rob Williams' romantic comedy Shared Rooms; a director who and like Waterer, always delivers the goods. God bless them.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 

nudity guide: strictly from the waist up for this sexy threesome.

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