›› Human Warmth - Chaleur Humaine ‹‹

a short film by Christophe Prédari.

2013 | 11 mins | Belgium.

a beautifully styled, if surreal depiction of when love, turns cold.

starring: Thomas Coumans as Antoine and Adrien Desbons as Bruno.

Official Synopsis:

Antoine has a desire. His love is so overwhelming that he has to stay close to Bruno. He loves his warmth and he needs it. But as with any relationship, soon comes the time of detachment and what will happen if Antoine's body stops responding?

Dave says:

Well played throughout, this physically passionate short poignantly tells the story of a pair of lovers last hours together, as a young man desperately tries to rekindle the spark of desire that his boyfriend once had for him; albeit to no avail. Yet whilst the narrative stage is set indoors, the film soon cuts to the outdoors, as the two passionately intertwine as one in a forest, sequences that convey the intense sexual longing that they once shared for each other, only for lust to turn to anger, as the reality of the situation dawns on Antoine.

No surprise then that there's a lot of artistic symbolism here, with writer and director Christophe Prédari rejoicing in the medium, purposely filming the woodland scenes in autumn, a season when all that once blossomed is dying; reflective of a love that once was. And whilst this could be too arty for some - check out the tattoo on Bruno's arm, one of the many metaphorical elements to be found; there's no denying the physical intensity of the piece, filmed in the main in close-up, with both actors not afraid to touch, kiss and caress each other's naked bodies. All of which makes for a beautifully styled, if surreal depiction of when love, turns cold.

›› available as part of the PECCADILLO PICTURES catalogue: BOYS ON FILM #12 - CONFESSION shorts compilation.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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