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a short film by Segev Gershon Green.

2013 | 23 mins | Israel - Indonesia - USA.

a heartrending plea for sexual acceptance and tolerance.

principal players: Moti Lugassi / Adam, Michal Yanai / Ronit and Shahar Roth as Jonathan.

Official Synopsis:

In this dramatic short film, Israeli director Segev Gershon Green brings the subject of bullying among teenagers to the global spotlight, as a high school student finds his declaration of love for another boy, leads to hostile reactions from his classmates.

Dave says:

This is the story of Adam; a sensitive soul who happens to have fallen madly in love with high school cutie Jonathan; a man so clearly straight that no sexual calling card is necessary. Knowing that his love can never be, Adam takes consolation in acting out a fantasy relationship with his object of desire, by way of a pair of "Jonathan and Adam" Barbie styled dolls. That is, until his pent-up emotions get the better of him, openly declaring his hitherto unspoken love on Jonathan's Facebook page; an act that is destined to end in tragedy.

Yes; there's no happy ending here folks. But then this collaborative production was made to highlight the issue of teenage bullying, of which the disturbing fact remains that out of every four students in the US, one is bullied on a daily basis at school. This however marks the first Israeli film that deals directly with bullying among teenagers and so doing, delivers a heartrending plea for sexual acceptance and tolerance.

In short, and whilst the ending is all but telegraphed well in advance, the continual need for films of this nature can only but underline the shameful truth that too many teenagers find themselves at the end of lonely street, unable to cope with a life of seemingly unending verbal and physical abuse. And whilst every filmmaker who has delivered works that shine the spotlight on such has to be applauded, you cannot help but wonder just how many more films does it take, before their heartfelt message is finally heard?

Thankfully before storm clouds gather, Segev Gershon Green, alongside American producer Edward Singletary Jr. and Indonesian producer Edward Gunawan have gone out of their way to bathe their story in a glimmer of sunlight, courtesy of a beautifully lit and touchingly tender fantasy sequence; a scene that I dare say is certain to be employed in many a "video montage". As ever, see what you think of a work that frankly is as beautifully handed, as it's bitterly poignant, even if Moti Lugassi is clearly older than the teenage character he achingly portrays.

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Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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