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a short film by Bryan Horch.

2013 | 14 mins | US.

a comical take on coming out in public.

principal players: Walter Replogle / Nelson, Ben Lerman / Corey, Richard Ballon / Jeff, Nathan Tetreault / Lorenzo
and with Shawn Maroney as the voice of the Smart Bed.

Official Synopsis:

In this inventive and pleasingly whimsical comedy, a gay couple's ridiculous quest for a comfortable mattress transforms into a journey of acceptance and public openness with their sexuality.

Dave says:

In the gay cinematic world that ranges from poignant dramas to sweet, if at times bittersweet tales of boys in love, it's quite refreshing to come across a work whose sole aim is to make you laugh. And this comical tale from writer and director Bryan Horch is guaranteed to bring a big smile to your face, as we encounter the life and times of Nelson; a likeable, if somewhat awkward individual, out to those who know him, if hardly flying the rainbow coloured flag elsewhere.

Yet Nelson's a man on a mission, determined to replace his partner Corey's lumpy old futon with a brand new bed, one that finds him thrust into the coming out spotlight at his local bedroom furniture store, courtesy of the latest high-tech Smart Bed; it knows what you want and in more ways, than one.

And it's here that this wonderfully entertaining short scores high on the laughter scale, thanks to the hilariously deadpan delivery of Walter Replogle as Nelson, who plays the set-up for all its worth, backed by vibrant work from Ben Lerman as his oddball styled partner. Complimented by Nathan Tetreault as the cutie of the piece, even if here he somewhat criminally keeps his manly torso under wraps and complete with Richard Ballon almost stealing the show as the all too helpful sales assistant, ever keen to showcase their "user-friendly" Smart Bed, one that delights in asking the questions - you just don't, this comical take on coming out in public is Funny with a capital F. No surprise then that it went on to win a series of Short Film awards at many a film festival, including Philadelphia QFest, Melbourne Queer Film Festival and the Barcelona Gay & Lesbian Film Festival of 2013; to name but three. As ever, check it out and see what you think.

›› available as part of the BOYS ON FILM #11 shorts compilation - We Are Animals.
›› also available as an Official FreeView on YouTube.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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