Daddy's Big Girl by Reid Waterer ›› Daddy's Big Girl

a short film by Reid Waterer.

2008 | 17 mins | US.

starring: Rakefet Abergel / Millie, Christopher Bradley / Cliff, Adam Huss / Rick, Carl Petersen / JC and Jayson Dewin as David.

Official Synopsis: "Overweight and uninspired Millie attempts to reconcile with her gay father, but his half-naked male companions keep getting in the way."

Dave says:-

Fans of the work of noted indie director Reid Waterer of Foreign Relations, Performance Anxiety and the pure romantic delight that is You Canít Curry Love fame will no doubt be delighted that four of his seductive short films have been compiled into the DVD anthology Global Warming; namely when things get steamy man-style. And this includes one of his shorts that somehow got away - until now, that is.

For like a hunk in your bed, Daddy's Big Girl can be found tucked between the cinematic sheets of this release, that of a warm-hearted tale that tells of the strained relationship between widowed movie man Cliff and his overweight adult daughter Millie. Tired of her obese appearance, but unwilling to do anything about it, Cliff has been driven to the edge, opting for a tough love approach to force his daughter to turn her life around. Only such doesn't appear to be working, having resulted in a standoff between the two now warring factions. That is, until Cliff relates an emotional story of how as a gay man, he fell in love with her mother.

The strained relationship between a gay father and his overweight daughter, in Daddy's Big Girl.

The strained relationship between a gay father and his overweight daughter, in Daddy's Big Girl.

Co-written by Waterer and star of the show Christopher Bradley of Leather Jacket Love Story fame, this is but a good ole fashioned story with a big heart, even if the pair make for unsympathetic characters at first; that of a man seemingly determined to put his hedonistic pursuit for man-flesh ahead of his daughter's well-being, only for his daughter to be a big girl with an even bigger chip on her shoulder, rejecting all advice put to her, as fast as she does the men who come her way.

Thankfully into such a confrontational mix, the ever sexy Adam Huss of Is It Just Me? and the short that sadly never was the feature The Brothers Sinclair can be found, along the way almost stealing the show as Cliff's "personal trainer" and a performance that sees him delight in camping it up as the current boyfriend of the piece. Joined on the man-candy front by Jayson Dewin in the role of a "character dancer" - think, erotic dancer dressed in a police uniform, such are however but sensuous asides to the main story, that of the tension between a father and his daughter, even if a reconciliation between the two was all but guaranteed from the onset. The result is a work that speaks, but does not preach, of the sexual conflicts between yearnings of the heart and the mind and that of the love, strained at times, between parent and child. Check out the trailer for all four shorts, below.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 

contains: fans of the manly torsos of the ever sexy Adam Huss, Carl Petersen
and Jayson Dewin, will not be disappointed.

›› available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue: 23.February.2015 / UK ‹‹
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