Angels with Tethered Wings by Steven Vasquez ›› Angels with Tethered Wings

a film by Steven Vasquez.

2014 | 99 mins | US.

principal players: Cory Tyndall / Grant Gleason, Brandon Rife / Timothy Russell, Addison Graham / Jessie McCormick, Trip Langley / Cody, Naiia Lajoie / Vanessa, Robby Valls / Chewy, Andrew Vega / Nicky 'Suits', Cameron M. Ellis / Lewis, Joseph Haggerty / Frank, Ivan Bohman / Lawrence, Grayson Gilbert / JJ, Tammy Tolene / the Attorney, Eric Harris / Tate, Gary Kent James / Carl and Grayson Lange as the Dead Body.

special cameo appearance by executive producer Ward Bodner as Nino.

Official Synopsis: "Angels with Tethered Wings is an unusual, quirky and erotic three-part drama; a back-from-the-grave revenge flick about hope and forgiveness. The film follows what happens when a good man does a bad thing for a good reason. He tries to right a wrong by freeing two young lovers, but instead forever entraps them to their mortal coils. In the end their collective love for each other will give an almost perfect stranger the wings to fly."

Dave says:-

In spite of a few negatives, this is undoubtedly the most ambitious and frankly the best production to-date from writer and director Steven Vasquez of Eroddity(s) fame; that of a ninety-nine minute work crammed full of Twilight Zone inspired horror and a chorus line of cuties whose clothes - well and as if by magic, suddenly all fall off.

And to be direct, that's its appeal or problem depending upon your point of view, given this is really two films rolled into one; that of a sexy mix of nudity 'n' narrative that tells the story of two young men; kind hearted but with problems of his own Grant Gleason and used and abused porn star Timothy, who finds himself in act two falling for all-round good guy Jessie; a man going out of his way to help a homeless drunk get back on the right side of life. Add in a large sum of money gone AWOL, a PA not to be trusted and a ruthless pornographer who himself is in debt to the mysterious big boss of the piece, namely a mobster who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the money, let alone keep his true identity secret, that is until naturally come close of play and you get the picture, well almost, given and in true supernatural fashion two of our boyz are killed off, only to return as a pair of zombie styled angels out for revenge for those responsible for their earthly demise.

A sexy mix of nudity 'n' Twilight Zone inspired narrative, in Angels with Tethered Wings.

A sexy mix of nudity 'n' Twilight Zone inspired narrative, in Angels with Tethered Wings.

It's a story that's told chapter fashion, with Cory Tyndall clearly delighting in his Jekyll and Hyde persona; one moment the ever caring Grant, only to change demeanour, along with his hairstyle, into the heartless pornographer of the piece. Between the two however someone's been taking acting lessons, with his facial expressions and deadpan comic delivery - he's pretty good at it, adding to a narrative that could have done with a trim, here and there. But perhaps that's just me? Whatever way and as ever Vasquez delivers the goods, as a bevy of pretty boys compete with Tyndall, alongside co-stars Brandon Rife as angelic-like Timothy and Addison (a-better-actor-than-your-average-porn-star) Graham as his lover Jessie, to ... how you say - keep your spirits up! All of which brings me back to the central issue, namely that the mix of nudity 'n' narrative is a difficult tightrope to walk, given dramatic tension is all too soon sacrificed on the altar of full frontal nudity and simulated sex. Not that many will be complaining about that.

Then again and to Vasquez' credit, it has to be said that his proudly gay-to-the-core narrative includes many a neat touch, including a series of murderous deaths that are Crypt Keeper inspired, a sequence that is but a sensual depiction of the Kama Sutra of gay sex, not to mention, oh I'm just going to, a closing scene that is, well - just plain touching. And I have to say that I like it when a director injects an optimistic note into his work, with Vasquez having purposely juxtaposed an unsympathetic character with one whose heart is filled with the very kindness of the human soul. That the result makes for a somewhat odd, yet equally entertaining mix of zombie inspired horror, comedy and homoeroticism, goes without saying. But then, you know what to expect from Vasquez and sure enough if you like his sensuous cinematic style, then you won't be disappointed here. Frankly, it's a lot of fun!

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - the copious monty. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 

contains: full frontal nudity from almost all cast members, copious amounts of male rear nudity,
simulated sex and occasional female topless nudity.

available online: as part of the Vimeo OnDemand Service
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