Headlong by Lukas Dhont ›› Headlong - Corps Perdu

a short film by Lukas Dhont.

2012 | 17 mins | Belgium.

starring: Jelle Florizoone as Miller and Thomas Coumans as Jerome.

Official Synopsis: "On the night of a dance competition, a young ballet dancer is in a foreign place. He finds himself alone in his hotel room and when this emptiness overpowers him, he meets a stranger that could change everything."

Dave says:-

Opening the tenth volume of their acclaimed Boys On Film series of short film compilations with a deliciously sweet starter, here we find writer and director Lukas Dhont charm with the ever topical tale of a young man's adolescent yearnings, only in this instance for a stranger in the night.

Then again, perhaps this is of no surprise given its stars are none other than Jelle Florizoone and Thomas Coumans, actors who featured in Bavo Defurne's equally exquisite take on a teenager's first crush, that is North Sea Texas. And here the boys again do not disappoint, with Florizoone perfectly cast as the Billy Elliot of the piece; an aspiring, shy, if somewhat worldly unwise dancer who finds himself alone in his hotel room, bored and seemingly with little excitement to be had, only for Thomas Coumans as the bad boy with a hitherto untouched heart of gold to come literally knocking on his door, in a frantic effort to elude the police. Ditching his ballet shoes for a walk on the wild side, the two are soon to be found dancing to the nightclub beat. Yet do the boys have more in common, than just a love of dance?

Looking for love, in Headlong.

Looking for love, in Headlong.

In short, this is a tale of opposites attract, one that is beautifully shot and staged throughout, courtesy of Brecht Goyvaerts' splendid cinematography that wonderfully captures the growing bond between two men at opposite sides of the scales of justice. The result is a short film that is delivered like the opening seventeen minutes of a feature, with Dhont ever teasing his audience with hints of something special developing between the boys, as we come to see drug dealer Jerome show his tender side in caring for a sixteen-year-old youth, clearly besotted with him. A case of unrequited love, or not - who knows? But it sure is a pure delight.

Gay Visibility - covert. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
›› available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys On Film X' release: 25.November.2013 / UK. ‹‹
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