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a short film by Keith Hodder.

2013 | 6 mins | US.

the pressure to succumb to social conformity.

starring: Zach Sale / Ridley, Ari Blinder / Colton and Emily Goss as Katherine.

Official Synopsis:

A family man struggling to cope with his hidden urges, has his devotion challenged by the unexpected arrival of his secret lover.

Dave says:

Short and succinct, this splendid short film from writer and director Keith Hodder tells a story that has been told in one form or another, many times before. Yet it's as meaningful as ever; that of a seemingly happily married man whose heart is divided between his wife and his clandestine male lover. Played for the main part without a single word being said, this beautifully shot and executed work relies solely on facial expressions and body language to convey its heartfelt story and here Zach Sale is achingly real in the role of a man overjoyed to see his male lover unexpectedly arrive at his door, only to then realize the gravity of the situation; that of the choice he's now forced to make.

Filmed within three hours, by all accounts this work was originally done to kill some time when Keith Hodder was at the Sale's house over a long, hot summer. An afternoon well spent, given Rift went onto be screened at over ten leading film festivals across the globe, including the 2013 Vegas Indie Festival where it won the coveted Best LGBT Short Film award and it's easy to see why, given Hodder has worked wonders on a limited budget to deliver a remarkably touching story that speaks of the pressure to succumb to social conformity, rather than face the true calling of your heart. And whilst presented as a work of fiction, I dare say that the scenario itself is an all too real one, for all too many. As ever, check it out and see what you think.

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Gay Visibility - covert. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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