We Are Fine by Simon Savory ›› We Are Fine

a short film by Simon Savory.

2014 | 5 mins | UK.

starring: Liam Hall, Samuel Levi, Kaitlin Harasta, Blake Kirby and Louie Collins.

Official Synopsis: "A young boy makes a discovery at the beach."

Dave says:-

Breathtakingly beautiful in its striking black and white cinematography courtesy of DOP Simon Koloadin, this, the first and hopefully far from the last short film from noted British filmmaker Simon Savory of Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas fame, tells a story with a distinct bite in its narrative tale.

For here we find Savory luring you in with an overtly homoerotic work, one that simmers with male beauty, as we come to witness a young man's sexual fixation with a local beach hunk, only for the teen to be not the sole person vying for the attention of the man, that day. Yet to say more, would be a spoiler.

The disturbing beauty of We Are Fine.

The disturbing beauty of We Are Fine.

Suffice to add that this dialogue free work, as set to the music of Matt Van Schie, poignantly exemplifies the art of silent storytelling, one that here does not turn out the way you expect and that's its disturbing beauty. Along its cinematic path however Savory wonderfully captures the spectacular coastline of Sydney's lush Coogee beach, together with the buffed to perfection physiques of the body beautiful men of Oz. And whilst a bittersweet piece, it's simply stunning in its style and execution. Say no more, other than - press and play.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 
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