Welcome to New York by Steven Tylor O'Connor ›› Welcome to New York

a short film by Steven Tylor O'Connor.

2012 | 30 mins | US.

principal players: Sherry Vine / Dr Kitty Rosenblatt, Sean Paul Lockhart / Jake, Megan Kane / Cassie, Nicholas Page / Mick - Lauren Ordair, Matthew Watson / Ryan, Ashleigh Murray / Simone, Casper Andreas / Christopher, Victor Cruz / José, Alex Ringler / Cupcake and Shacottha Fields as the Crazy Person.

cameo appearance by Steven Tylor O'Connor as lover boy Scotty.

Adapted Synopsis: "Starring the one and only Sherry Vine as Dr Kitty Rosenblatt, this is the story of five young people's first experiences in New York City and the unorthodox, yet wildly successful therapist they go to in order to get adjusted to life in The Big Apple."

Dave says:-

Fans of Keith Levy's dragulous alter ego Sherry Vine will be delighted that actor, writer and director Steven Tylor O' Connor has enticed the girl back in front of the camera, following her sparkling turn in A Fairy Tale of a short. And as ever O' Connor's out to please, making the most of a modest budget to deliver a work that is but a cinematic stage for the multi-talented star of the show, one that finds La Vine cast as a sexually frustrated therapist whose diverse clients and their naturally dysfunctional lives form the narrative segments of the piece; from the ever sexy Sean Paul Lockhart, here looking for love, to a man who earns his living by impersonating a woman and yes, Vine's response to that is sheer priceless!

The divine Sherry Vine shines, in Welcome to New York.

The divine Sherry Vine shines, in Welcome to New York.

As with all works of this nature, some scenes play better than others, with SPL's endearing performance of a young man who having found the love of his life, cannot remember his name thereafter ranking as one of the best of the five scenarios, being clearly ripe for further development. As too is the well-played back story to Matthew Watson / Ryan and Ashleigh Murray / Simone's chance meeting on the streets of New York, with Simone's prior encounter with a sleazy fast food vendor wonderfully displaying the talents of Victor Cruz as a man who would love the ladies to sample his meat and in more ways, than one. Thankfully noted actor, writer and director Casper Andreas of just too many gay films to list fame is on hand to add some sexual sparkle to the life of a drag queen and here cue Nicholas Page as Mick; aka Lauren Ordair. Only is the price worth it?

Sure, the narrative has its odd moments of sitcom styled awkwardness. But that said, this is La Vine's show and like a seasoned pro she doesn't miss a trick, delivering the short's many one-liners to comic perfection. Indeed, it's almost as if this is the first act of a feature, given hook-up after hook-up is left blowing in the wind. Frankly, I want to see more and you cannot put it better than that. Then again, who wouldn't want to see more of the divine Sherry Vine, together with the vibrant cast that make this O' Connor's best work to date. Delightful.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
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