Jayson Bend: Queen and Country by Matt Carter ›› Jayson Bend: Queen and Country

a film by Matt Carter.

2013 | 49 mins | UK.

principal players: Davis Brooks / Jayson Bend, Tom Read Wilson / Alec DeCoque, Paul Norton / Raymond Perdood, Chris Lew Kum Hoi / Dr Tu Yung, Djalenga Scott / Katya Kokhov, Louise Templeton / L, Jonathan Hansler / G, William Ludwig / Max Johnson, Joseph Potts / Mr DickyDollar and with Wayne Fitzsimmons as the Evil Hairdresser.

Official Synopsis: "Royal Intelligence Ministry (think about it) agent Jayson Bend, teams up with his Swiss counterpart Alec DeCoque (say no more) to try and stop the launch of a satellite that will turn Raymond Perdood, the owner of the largest global hair salon chain, into one of the most powerful men in the world."

Dave says:-

Sexy and stylish from the onset, here we find multi-talented cinematographer, editor, composer and director Matt Carter rejoice in giving Britain's most famous secret agent a long overdue makeover for the boys. Indeed for those who have ever wondered just what a James Bond themed spy film would be like if the protagonist was gay, then look no more, for exit 007 and enter 009; tall, dark and handsome, this is a man on a mission, one that in Carter's well-crafted hands is not a cheap satire of the genre. Rather here production values are first class; from the striking visual effects, to the sharp cinematography throughout, right down to the Bond styled, albeit salon inspired opening title sequence and here cue the vibrant vocal work of Michelle Daly.

Licensed to thrill, in Jayson Bend: Queen and Country.

Licensed to thrill, in Jayson Bend: Queen and Country.

Sure and as with many a James Bond film, the plot is OTT by design and this parody is no exception, as a hair dressing megalomaniac intent on dominating the salon market, seizes his opportunity by way of a gel that unbeknown to the consumer contains a DNA altering chemical for purposes all too hair-raising. Thankfully the screenplay by writer and producer Andrew Faure is laced with a series of good ole fashioned Bond styled double entendres missing from the more recent entries of the franchise, making this a lot of fun, as role reversals find Miss Moneypenny turned Mr DickyDollar, with M now the L word, as rounded off by a cast of characters, of which many a name would not be out of place in the Carry On series.

In short and with the exception of a missing casino sequence, not to mention an AWOL scene of our man emerging from the sea in Daniel Craig tailored swimwear, this is a film that frankly ticks the many tongue-in-cheek boxes required for a work of this nature; from the power-hungry billionaire of the piece, cue Paul Norton relishing in the role of Raymond Perdood, to that of his trustworthy right-hand man or rather woman in this case, a delightful turn from Djalenga Scott as Katya Kokhov and yes, you read the surname right, to that of 009's sexy assistant Alec DeCoque - what a mouthful, as wonderfully portrayed by Tom Read Wilson. Yet and whilst Davis Brooks headlines as the star of the show, having played the part to a tee; action man one moment, comical asides the next, all along letting his eyes do the walking, gay man style, in truth the show belongs to Matt Carter. For make no mistake, this is Carter's cinematic baby and he's raised it with an abundance of TLC. No surprise then that the prestigious IRIS Prize Film Festival has rightly selected Jayson Bend: Queen and Country as the opening night film for their 2014 festival. For like the Austin Powers series, this is a hilarious play on the James Bond genre, that of a pure cinematic delight packed enough 007 styled gadgetry to start a shop, a secret agent ever on top of the situation and in more ways, than one, complete with an endless supply of witty one-liners delivered deadpan fashion, a task not easy to accomplish as the closing montage of bloopers demonstrate. Licensed to thrill, kind of goes without saying.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 
World Premiere: at the IRIS Prize Film Festival, Cardiff, Wales - Wednesday, 8th October, 2014.
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